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Meet Miranda

Miranda Draper

Miranda was the IT coordinator at an elementary school here in Raleigh, and helped facilitate the student dismissal process. She saw a better way of doing things.

Each day was a 30 minute flurry of greeting, texting inside for student release, calling names, and loading kids into their cars. It was a whirlwind of an orchestration that honestly all ran pretty well, aside from some frantic testing and a few hoarse voices. But one day the guidance counselor asked, “Who did Zoey go home with today?” There had been a dispute between parents over custody and the guidance counselor was checking in on her. Miranda‚Äôs heart skipped a beat.

She started talking to other schools and teachers about this problem, and heard all sorts of horror stories and inefficiencies. Some schools use a megaphone, some text message, some walkie talkies. Some schools expect three year olds to remember their four digit hangtag code, and listen for it as they’re yelled outloud in a holding area for 20 minutes.

Luckily her husband Jason was a web developer working at a consultancy where he solved everyday problems with custom software. So Miranda knew something was possible to prevent this sort of thing from happening again.

They pulled in a product designer friend (that’s me, Christian!), and we all went out to watch the process first hand. We recognized the opportunity for a safer, more efficient process, and started by building the smallest thing we could to address the first specific need: Who picked up who, and when?

The value was immediately apparent. Not only were the students safer, but dismissal was less chaotic. We’ve been incrementally building out the feature set since then, making it more flexible, robust, and streamlined. We're now a team of five, proud of what we've built, and care deeply about making students safer, and teachers’ lives easier.

1,814 students have already been picked up 263,661 times!

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