Frequently asked questions

Can Pickup help with social distancing?

Yes. Because each teacher can have access to the system, students can be dismissed from their individual classrooms as their rides arrive. There's no need for a school-wide "holding" center for dismissal, limiting close contact in large groups.

Do parents need an app or access to the website?

No. Parents only need a printed driver tag (similar to a hangtag) to keep with them in the car. These are printed two to an 8.5×11, and can be laminated.

We are evaluating an optional parent portal for parents who would like to see when their students were picked up.

Do teachers and facilitators need an app?

Pickup is web-based, and the complete sequence can be run from whatever devices your facilitators are already using (iOS, Android, phone, tablet, laptop…), so long as they have cellular or WiFi connectivity.

However, there is an optional iPhone app to enhace the experience for the lookout, enabling them to scan QR codes as drivers arrive, rather than manually enter a 4 character driver code. It can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

My school's dismissal setup is pretty unique…

We understand that there are a lot of factors that go into establishig a dismissal process, like the building's architecture, traffic flows, etc. We've designed Pickup to be flexible to most school's needs, supporting multiple lanes (e.g., one in front of the school, one behind the school), and multiple slots per lane so that drivers can be batched in groups.

Will this make our student dismissal process go faster?

Almost certainly, though it may slow down during the first couple weeks of the school-year as drivers, teachers, and facilitators get used to a new system. So far, all of our schools have reduced their dismissal time, some by more than 50%.

That said, features for efficiency and features for student safety are sometimes at odds with each other, and student safety is our first priority.

1,814 students have already been picked up 263,661 times!

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