Make sure every student goes home with the right adult

Pickup helps school administrators handle the chaos of carpooling. Every driver and every student are accounted for, with records to back it up.

A system to keep your students safe

Pickup gives administrators a way to track student departures in real-time, reduces the time parents spend waiting in pick-up lines, and minimizes school liability with a history of records.

  • Pickup keeps students safe

    Every student is paired in the system with the drivers that are approved to pick them up. A driver code and photo confirmation make sure students go home with the right adult.

  • Track student departures in real-time

    Administrators can monitor drivers as they arrive, students who are queued up for dismissal, and departures as they leave.

  • Parents spend less time waiting

    At our pilot program at Lockhart Elementary, the total time to process the carpool lane went down by 50%.

  • Teachers get some structure

    No more megaphones or yelling or text messaging. Pickup gives teachers the tools they need to efficiently get through their dismissal process.

  • Minimize school liability

    Because every arrival and departure are timestamped and logged in the system, there’s no second guessing about who picked up who, and when.

  • Pickup works with your technology

    Pickup is web-based, so all you need is WiFi or a cellular connection. Android, iOS, phones, laptops, tablets, and projectors all work seamlessly.

Our afternoon carpool has gone from roughly 30 plus minutes to just over 15 minutes. The process is much smoother and safer. The students being able to see their names and numbers has really helped to expedite the process.

Sadie Hunter
Sadie Hunter
Teacher at Lockhart Elementary

The pickup app allows for a smooth, quick, and SAFE release of students. Adding drivers and or students to the list is quick and takes effect immediately. I have received quick personal assistance every time I have reached out for clarification or help.

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